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5mm - 40mm Black Plastic Safety Eyes Amigurumi Soft Toy Teddy Bear Craft Animal
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8-20 mm Plastic Safety Eyes Blue Green Red Brown Amber Amigurumi Toy Teddy Bear
Buy: $0.99 GBP
Solid Black Eyes PLASTIC BACKS - Teddy Bear Making Soft Toy Doll Animal Craft <br/> Solid Black Eyes with EN71 Part 3 - 3mm to 30mm
$1.69 GBP
Rose Bear Flower Teddy Doll with Box Birthday Wedding Valentine Lovers Gift Foam <br/> 25CM#Gift Box#For the Loved One#High Quality#UK Seller
$12.99 GBP
Buy: $60.0 GBP
Bad Taste Bears, Various Bears, Good Conditon, Boxed, Rare
$29.99 GBP
ALL SIZE Black Plastic Safety Eyes Teddy Bear Craft Animal Amigurumi Soft Toy
Buy: $0.99 GBP
PICK YOUR OWN Build a Bear Bundle Joblot Wardrobe Clothes Shoes Teddy Design
Buy: $15.0 GBP
Heavy Plastic Pellets/Beads. Stuffing,Filling, Bear/Doll, Autism Blankets <br/> Wide range of pellets! Machine washable! Fast Shipping!
$9.35 GBP
1 Personalised White T-Shirt for Teddy Bear Toy Photo Text Logo Printed Gift
$3.11 GBP
build-a-bear - Online Exclusive Bulbasaur Bundle
Buy: $29.99 GBP
Cotter Pin Joints for Soft Toys & Teddy Crafts - 5 Part Joint Sets- 6mm to 55mm
$2.99 GBP
build-a-bear - Pokemon Online Exclusive Dragonite Bundle
Buy: $24.99 GBP
GLASS LIKE EYES with PLASTIC BACKS Teddy Bear Making Soft Toy Doll Animal Craft
$1.79 GBP
150x Plastic Safety Eyes Teddy Bear Soft Toys Doll Animal Making Craft Screw<
Buy: $4.89 GBP
Old Vintage Mohair Terrier Dog On Wooden Wheels c1950s
Buy: $69.99 GBP
Vintage Merrythought bear 12"
Buy: $15.0 GBP
SuperSoft Toy Filling for Soft Toy Stuffing, Craft & Hobby Work, Cushions etc.
Buy: $28.75 GBP
Build-A-Bear - Bulbasaur Bundle NEW ✅ SALE🔥
Buy: $24.99 GBP
Black Plastic Safety Eyes - 6 /8/ 10 /12 /14 mm, Amigurumi, Soft Toy Teddy Bear
Buy: $0.99 GBP
Various Size & Color Toy Doll Making Craft Real Eyes Crochet Knit Sew Puppet DIY
Buy: $0.99 GBP
Faux Fake Curly Fur Fabric Teddy Bear & Animal Toy 15mm Pile Sold by Vary Length
$179.9 GBP
Love a lot Pink 2002 Care Bear 13" 34cm Soft Plush Toy
Buy: $24.32 GBP
Teddy Bear Mohair Deans Chad Valley?  Vintage English  Toy
Buy: $72.08 GBP
~ ME TO YOU ~Tatty Teddy ~ Teddy Bear Head ~ Pin Badge ~ NEW ~
Buy: $8.38 GBP
Cutest Teddy Bear In The World🥰 Bridal Wedding Dress Teddy Love Collection 40cm
Buy: $19.29 GBP
Giant 1.35m Teddy Bear Plush Toy Lovely Girlfriend Huge Stuffed Toys Soft Dolls <br/> Giant 1.35m Teddy Bear shop stuffedGiant plush toys
Buy: $35.78 GBP
GLASS LIKE EYES - PLASTIC BACKS Teddy Bear Making Soft Toy Doll Animal Craft  <br/> Eyes have EN71 Part 3.  High shine like glass
$2.59 GBP
Charlie Bears Downton Boxed
Buy: $25.0 GBP
Charlie Bears Isabelle mohair "Benedict" rare ltd edition
Buy: $115.0 GBP
Charlie Bears  Isabelle Mohair "Little Trooper" rare ltd edition
Buy: $105.0 GBP
Buy: $215.0 GBP
Buy: $300.0 GBP
Charlie Bear Dorian
$35.0 GBP
$23.0 GBP - 6 bids
Charlie Bears ~ Chocolate Fondue
Buy: $215.0 GBP
Charlie Bears, Isabelle Collection, Elspeth . Ltd Edition.
Buy: $125.0 GBP
Charlie bears Isabelle Collection 2011 ~ UK EXCLUSIVE ~ MILTON
Buy: $165.0 GBP
Round Black Plastic Safety Eyes Dolls Teddy Bears 5mm 6mm 8mm 9 10 12 16 18 20mm
$1.65 GBP
Various EYES with PLASTIC BACKS for Teddy Bear Making Soft Toy Doll Animal Craft <br/> Amazing choice of Eyes - 3mm to 30mm. EN71 Part 3
$2.49 GBP
Charlie Bears Bearhouse Congo Gorilla Plush New boxed
$69.99 GBP
Toy Glasses - Mini Spectacles for Dolls or Santas - Choice of Sizes & Colours
$2.3 GBP
Charlie Bears Westie Dog Best Friend Retired
Buy: $55.0 GBP