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Hasselblad H3D 39MP Medium Format Body & Digital Back
$1024.0 GBP
Mamiya 645AFDii body with Mamiya ZD 22 megapixel medium format digital back +box
Buy: $2200.0 GBP
HASSELBLAD H4D-40 BOXED medium format digital photo camera
Buy: $2399.0 GBP
hasselblad H5D-40 medium format dslr camera 
$3999.0 GBP
Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Camera Body
Buy: $5799.0 GBP
Phase One iQ280 Medium Format 80MP Digital Camera Back <br/> Shipped from official UK dealer in London, XF & 645DF+
Buy: $12495.0 GBP
Hasselblad H5d-50c Medium format digital camera body
Buy: $7000.0 GBP
Hasselblad X1D-50c Medium Format Camera Body brand new sealed, CLEARANCE SALE!
Buy: $4999.0 GBP
Used Phase One 645DF+  Body
$999.0 GBP
Hasselblad H5D-40 & 120mm f4 Macro lens & waterproof Flight Case & accessories.
$5399.0 GBP
Leica S S (Typ 006) 37.5MP Digital Camera - Black (Body Only)
Buy: $3500.0 GBP
Hasselblad H5D-40 good condition, with battery grip and charger <br/> Comes w/ charger, grip, bottom cover, body cap, FW cbl
Buy: $4150.0 GBP
Phase One P30 31.6MP Medium Format Digital Back - Mamiya Fit
Buy: $2150.0 GBP
Phase One IQ150 50MP Digital Back
Buy: $7997.0 GBP
Hasselblad H3D-39 Medium Format Digital Camera Set w/ 39MP Digital Back, Finder
$2158.52 GBP
Cambo WRS-1200 Camera + Schneider 5,6/47XL Apo-Digitar lens + WDS-580 optical
Buy: $3897.0 GBP
Hasselblad Digital Medium Format Camera H3D 39 II
Buy: $1999.0 GBP
$2750.0 GBP
Hasselblad Digital Medium Format Camera H3D 39 II with 50mm MKII HC Lens
Buy: $3999.0 GBP
EX+ Rollei/Rolleiflex Hy6 Medium-Format Digital Camera body only
$1727.0 GBP
Pentax - 645D Limited edition
Buy: $8549.0 GBP
Hasselblad H2 Body+HVD-90x Prism
$399.99 GBP
Hasselblad H2 Body+HVD-90x Prism
$499.99 GBP
Buy: $1995.0 GBP
Hasselblad X1D-50c 4116 Edition Medium Format Mirrorless Digital Camera w  45mm
$3.91 GBP
Leica S2-P 10802 Medium Format Digital Boxed included Documents
Buy: $3805.67 GBP
*EXC+* Contax 645 Medium Format Camera Body + Finder MF-1 + Battery holder MP-1
$1099.0 GBP
Contax 645 AF Medium Format Film Camera and 80mm Zeiss Lens KIT
$2949.0 GBP
Leica S (Typ 006) 10803 Camera Medium Format DSLR Solo Body Boxed
Buy: $5582.32 GBP
Used Mamiya 645DF Medium Format Digital Camera Body in top condition
Buy: $771.51 GBP
Pentax 645Z including body and 7 lenses plus extras - very good to excellent!
Buy: $8286.61 GBP
*EXC+* Contax 645 Medium Format Camera Body only with caps
$868.0 GBP
Hasselblad Flex Body Medium Format Camera Flex Body
$1109.0 GBP
【TOP MINT+++】MAMIYA 645 DF W/ DM28 Digital Back,SCHNEIDER 80mm f/2.8 LS&More
$5101.38 GBP
Pentax HD D-FA 645 Macro 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR Lens
Buy: $3299.0 GBP
Contax 645 AF Medium Format wPlanar 80mm F2 MF-1 finder MFB-1 PRISM EXC
$7.61 GBP
Phase One IQ140 Digital Back with 645DF
Buy: $10572.57 GBP
Buy: $200.0 GBP
Phase One DF+ Lithium-Ion Battery + Charger
Buy: $260.0 GBP
*In Stock* RICOH PENTAX 645z Digital SLR Camera 51.4 M CMOS Ready to ship 645D
$6256.6 GBP
210mm Zeiss Sonnar Lens Contax 645 fit
Buy: $399.0 GBP
【RARE!!NEAR MINT】HASSELBLAD H1D Medium Format W/ Digital Back, Image Bank
$2189.96 GBP
*EXC++* Contax 645 Medium Format Camera Body Battery Grip MP-1
$288.0 GBP
*EXC+* Hasselblad 500CM medium format + 50mm f4 CF T* 4/50 500 CM + A12
$899.0 GBP
 Cambo Wide DS digital medium format camera. Hasselblad V-mount plate
$624.04 GBP
Hasselblad H3D31-II 31.0 MP Digital SLR Medium Format Camera
Buy: $2939.37 GBP
[MINT] Mamiya ZD 645 Digital Camera w/AF80mm f2.8 from japan #578
$2197.1 GBP
Fujifilm GFX 50s Med. Format Mirrorless Camera - Barely used... EXCELLENT Cond.!
$3.84 GBP
Hasselblad 503CW Millenium + 80mm f2.8 CFE T* 1:2.8/80 + Acute Matte D 503 CW <br/> Rare
$2088.0 GBP
Hasselblad 503CW + 80mm f2.8 CFE T* 1:2.8/80 + Acute-Matte D + PM45 + A12 A24 <br/> Rare
$2088.0 GBP
Hasselblad H3d II 50 Megapixel with 28mm, 50mm, 100mm, macro 120mm
Buy: $8500.0 GBP
*RARE* Hasselblad 503CW Millenium BOXED + Acute Matte D 503 CW + A12 last type  <br/> Rare
$1499.0 GBP
[MINT] Mamiya 645 AFD II Camera Body w/ AF80mm,ZD digital back from japan #562
$2746.58 GBP
Cambo Ultima 23D digital camera Accepts Digital Lenses Hasselblad H-series Backs
$1275.56 GBP
Sony MVC-FD92 Mavica 1.6MP 16x Precision Digital Zoom Camera Made in Japan & Bag
Buy: $28.57 GBP
Phase One 645 DF+,  P45 Digital Back, Lens Medium Format DSLR Camera System
Buy: $4500.0 GBP
MegaVision Digital Camera Back for Medium Format Hasselblad Rollei Mamiya
Buy: $192.0 GBP
Mamiya 150mm f2.8 A lens for Mamiya 645 film and digital medium format cameras
Buy: $280.0 GBP
Carnival 2020 MF Studio Digital Camera Back for Medium Format Hasselblad Rollei
Buy: $326.0 GBP
Hasselblad Imacon Ixpress 132c V series Fit - 22mp medium format digital back
$650.0 GBP
Phase One IQ 140 with Phase One 645 DF House <br/> With two Schneider Kreuznach lenses 55 mm / 80 mm
Buy: $5493.94 GBP
Leaf AFi6 Camera System <br/> Leaf AFi6 System w/ 28MP Digital Back
Buy: $4286.18 GBP