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Hasselblad 500C Film Camera and kit
$400.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500 C/M Film Camera Body Only
$151.0 GBP - 15 bids
Hasselblad 500 C/M Prism TTL Medium Format
$39.0 GBP - 1 bid
Hasselblad 500 CM camera body medium format with A12 roll film back 6x6 V system
$102.0 GBP - 2 bids
hasselblad 500 cm 2 x lenses and accessories
$350.0 GBP - 26 bids
Hasselblad 500C/M Medium Format Medium Format Film Camera A12 Back Prism Finder
$900.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500C/M Medium Format Medium Format Film Camera
$295.0 GBP
Hasselblad 50mm CF Lens
Buy: $180.0 GBP
hasselblad 500 cm With Acute Matte Screen and strap
$172.0 GBP - 19 bids
Hasselblad 500C/M black medium format SLR + screen & late WLF - good condition!
Buy: $330.0 GBP
hasselblad 40mm CFE
$107.0 GBP - 4 bids
Hasselblad 500cm Medium Format 6x6 Film 80mm 2.8 Camera + Accessories Iflord HP5
Buy: $1500.0 GBP
Hasselblad XPan mk 2 with 45mm f4 lens, centre filter & lens shade
$1320.0 GBP - 18 bids
Hasselblad 501CM SLR Camera Medium Format A12 with Zeiss Planer 2.8/80 T* Lens
$858.0 GBP
Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition Digital Camera (Champagne/Olive Wood)
$310.0 GBP - 17 bids
$195.0 GBP
Hasselblad A12 film back with dark slide
$28.0 GBP - 3 bids
Hasselblad XPan 90mm f4 lens
$155.0 GBP - 9 bids
Hasselblad V lens focal length 150mm CFi, 
Buy: $550.0 GBP
Hasselblad Zeiss Planar T 80mm F/2.8 C Lens
Buy: $599.0 GBP
Hasselblad A12 6x6 Film Back
$40.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500 CM polaroid film back
$0.99 GBP - 1 bid
Hasselblad 503cx Chrome 10026 Camera Body in Original Box, Serial, Certificates
Buy: $450.0 GBP
Hasselblad H3D 39ii Digital Medium Format DSLR Camera
Buy: $1700.0 GBP
Hasselblad XPan 30mm lens, centre filter & custom viewfinder
$1020.0 GBP - 5 bids
Hasselblad NC-1 Prism Finder - Used
Buy: $45.0 GBP
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 80mm Hasselblad Synchro Compur
$175.0 GBP - 13 bids
Hasselblad A12 Film Back (Chrome)
$23.0 GBP - 4 bids
Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Sonnar CFi 150mm F4 T* Lens. Very Little Use, Boxed 2004
$500.0 GBP
Hasselblad H2 with 16 - 32 Film Back, 80mm 2.8 HC Lens + LOADS MORE
Buy: $1400.0 GBP
Hasselblad 503CX with Distagon T* 50mm F4
Buy: $900.0 GBP
Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 120mm F/4 CF Lens and Extension Tube 35
$365.0 GBP
Hasselblad 150mm F4 Carl Zeiss sonnar telephoto lens for 500 CM V system
$38.0 GBP - 4 bids
Hasselblad 45mm f3.5 XCD Lens
Buy: $1480.0 GBP
Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 50mm F4 Distagon T* Lens 
Buy: $299.0 GBP
Hasselblad NC-2 Copy Prism Finder
Buy: $35.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500 CM Body + Level View Finder + Roll Film Back + Rapid wind crank 
Buy: $420.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500EL/M chrome body with 9v battery conversion and standard screen
Buy: $195.0 GBP
Hasselblad 50mm F4 Carl Zeiss Distagon wide angle lens for 500 CM V system
$27.0 GBP - 6 bids
Hasselblad H1 body with HV 90x Prism Viewfinder including Accessories
Buy: $575.0 GBP
Used Hasselblad H3D 39 Medium Format Camera 5 rechargeable batteries, charger
$800.0 GBP
Hasselblad A12, black, 120 roll film back, untested sold as is
Buy: $50.0 GBP
Hasselblad Prism Finder - Hasselblad V System Fit - Used
Buy: $15.0 GBP
Hasselblad A12 Magazine from 1991
Buy: $150.0 GBP
Hasselblad 12 Exposure / 6 x 6cm.Hassel 120 Film Back  - Please Read Description
$19.99 GBP
Hasselblad 150mm CF Lens
Buy: $175.0 GBP
Hasselblad 50 HZ 1X filter.
$0.5 GBP - 1 bid
Hasselblad Magazine Dark Slide Holder - BRAND NEW
$19.99 GBP
Hasselblad Sonnar CF 180mm f4.0 20072 Carl Zeiss in Original Box, Certificate
Buy: $420.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500C/M Body Only with WLF + Standard Screen +Winding Knob (UE1230749)
$414.82 GBP
Classic Hasselblad 503CXi SLR Camera A12 with Zeiss Planer 2.8/80 T* Lens
Buy: $1199.99 GBP
Hasselblad Focusing Screen With Central Grid 42250
$35.0 GBP
Buy: $1500.0 GBP
Hasselblad 501CM Body with A12 6x6 Back, PME51 Prism, Acute Matte D - Serviced
$999.99 GBP
Hasselblad H2 Body Only 645 Film Medium Format Camera SLR
$499.82 GBP
Hasselblad A12 black magazine back
Buy: $95.0 GBP
Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Planar T* 60mm F3.5 CF Lens - Nice condition
Buy: $450.0 GBP
Vintage Hasselblad 503cx Medium Format Film Camera Kit (extras included!!)
$2500.0 GBP
Hasselblad 503CW medium format camera body with extras
Buy: $1195.0 GBP
Hasselblad 501CM camera body
Buy: $725.0 GBP
Hasselblad 501CM Camera & 80mm 2.8 CB Zeiss Lens A12N back Finder, Black, Mint-
Buy: $1929.99 GBP
Hasselblad Boxed 1998 203FE Body TCC (10574). Condition - 4H [4039]
Buy: $1079.95 GBP
Hasselblad H1 Medium Format SLR + HM 16-32 + 80mm F/2.8 Lens - Minty Boxed -
$2199.0 GBP
Hasselblad H1 Body Only 645 Film Medium Format Camera SLR / 10173 actuation
$484.82 GBP
Hasselblad A16S Film Magazine, close to MINT
Buy: $85.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500cm Winder Knob
$1.2 GBP - 2 bids
Hasselblad Prism Finder NC-1 90 degrees viewfinder for 500C/M 501C UK
Buy: $98.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500c/m 80mm F2.8 Planner T* CF Lens A12 Film Waist level finder 500cm
$1099.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500C/M Carl Zeiss 80mm F2.8 A12 Back Case Limited Edition Signed -BB- <br/> **COLLECTORS EDITION No*821 1974**
$2995.0 GBP
Hasselblad 202FA Body Only with Waist Level Finder + Acute Matte Screen D+ Crank
$1349.82 GBP
Hasselblad 553ELX motorized body only 6x6 medium format SLR with standard screen
$494.82 GBP
Hasselblad adapted Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm (7") f2.5 lens for 203 205 2000 series
$360.0 GBP - 2 bids
Hasselblad 205TCC Body + Waist Level Finder + Acute Matte D Grid Screen + Crank
$1799.82 GBP
Hasselblad Flexbody with case and correction screens
Buy: $890.0 GBP
Hasselblad case for 250mm C lens Tan leather Genuine Hasselblad item.
Buy: $25.0 GBP
Hasselblad 503CW + 80mm f/2.8 CFE + PM5 Prism + A12 120 RFH Complete Camera Kit
Buy: $2599.0 GBP
Hasselblad 2000FC Camera Outfit w/ 80mm Planar (10308). Condition - 4E [5557]
Buy: $899.95 GBP
Hasselblad 903SWC Chrome. Pristine (10052). Condition - 3E [4485]
Buy: $2949.95 GBP
Hasselblad 1967 500C Matched Camera w/ 80mm Lens (10022). Condition - 4E [6885]
Buy: $1099.95 GBP
Hasselblad X1D-50c Digital Medium Format Camera Body
Buy: $5250.0 GBP
Hasselblad 2000FC black medium format SLR camera & screen + late WLF - Near Mint
Buy: $399.0 GBP
Hasselblad H2 Body+HVD-90x Prism
$499.99 GBP
Hasselblad 503CX Medium Format Film Camera with Waist Level Finder
Buy: $800.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500C Pristine 1957 Model. Condition - 4E [6495]
Buy: $1999.95 GBP
HASSELBLAD  500EL/M  + Sonnar 150mm lens + NC2 Prisim + A12 BACK
Buy: $535.0 GBP
Buy: $449.99 GBP
Hasselblad Black Leather Case for Stellar digital camera
$29.9 GBP - 1 bid
Hasselblad 500cm body with single action waist level Finder and rapid wind crank
Buy: $695.0 GBP
Hasselblad X1D Silver, XCD f3.5/45mm, Spare Battery & Billingham Bag NEW
$8260.0 GBP
Boxed Hasselblad 202FA Body Only with Waist Level Finder + Acute Matte D+ Crank
$1399.82 GBP
Hasselblad H4D-31 camera Medium Format Digital
$2199.0 GBP
Hasselblad Carl Zeiss SONNAR CF 150mm F4 T* Telephoto Lens
$300.0 GBP
Hasselblad H2 Body+HVD-90x Prism
$499.99 GBP
Hasselblad 60mm f/3.5 Zeiss Distagon CF T* lens EXC++
$500.0 GBP
Hasselblad waist level finder, black, later style
Buy: $70.0 GBP
Hasselblad 40mm f/4 Zeiss Distagon CF FLE T* lens EXC++
$990.0 GBP
Hasselblad X1D Silver, XCD XCD f3.2/90mm, Spare Battery, Compagnon Messenger Bag
$8620.0 GBP
Hasselblad H4D-50 (701355)
Buy: $3929.0 GBP
Hasselblad 500 EL/M Camera, Chrome , Medium Format ,Film back, Batteries Charger
Buy: $435.0 GBP
Hasselblad Sonnar 1:4 f-150mm Chrome
Buy: $100.0 GBP