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Bulldog 5x4 Self Assembly Large Format Camera Kit
Buy: $199.0 GBP
Bulldog 10x8 Self Assembly Large Format Camera Kit
Buy: $289.0 GBP
Rodenstock Sironar 240mm f5.6 large format lens in Compur 3 shutter
Buy: $229.0 GBP
Sinar Norma large format 4x5" rear standard
Buy: $85.0 GBP
TOYO-VIEW 45 G Large Format Camera with 150mm Lens, Bag Bellows All in a Case
$150.0 GBP - 1 bid
$250.0 GBP - 1 bid
Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/7 Large Format Camera & Zeiss Tessar 135mm f4.5 In Case
$7.5 GBP - 5 bids
Schneider-Kreuznach XENAR 1:4.7 135mm PRONTO Shutter LARGE Format Telephoto Lens
$29.25 GBP - 1 bid
Schneider-Kreuznach Componon 1:5.6/210mm Large Format Telephoto Lens
$39.92 GBP
Schneider Angulon 120mm f6.8 large format lens in Press-Compur shutter 1:6,8/120
Buy: $149.0 GBP
Horseman 5X4 large format camera in flight case with bundle Great condition.
Buy: $400.0 GBP
Sinar Norma tripod rail clamp for large format cameras fits F, F2, P, P2 etc
Buy: $49.5 GBP
Copal 1 Press Shutter - Good Condition - Fully Working - Large Format
Buy: $74.99 GBP
Schneider Super Angulon 90mm 5.6 MC lens for large format camera
$110.0 GBP
Rodenstock-YSARON 1:4.5 f=180mm Large Format Telephoto or Enlarger Lens
$1.0 GBP - 1 bid
De Vere Large Format British Studio Camera
$140.0 GBP
Carl Zeiss Tessar 25cm 250mm f4.5 Large Format Lens - Shutter Board
$250.0 GBP
$129.99 GBP
Vintage camera large format Zeiss IKON approx1927 with case (decorative item)
$10.0 GBP - 1 bid
Intrepid 4x5 camera -large format film camera with Lens, FIlm Backs and more
$550.0 GBP
Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon 90mm f8 large format lens cells only 8/90
Buy: $69.0 GBP
Superb Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 150mm F5.6 (265/1:12) Large Format Lens
$69.99 GBP
Repromaster 1:9 / 15mm large format lens
Buy: $47.5 GBP
Unbranded 5x4 Large Format Camera Fresnel Screen
Buy: $49.99 GBP
Vintage Wooden Large Format Camera Tripod
$50.0 GBP
M.P.P. Micro Press 4X5, 5X4 rangefinder large format camera w/ 135mm 4.7 Xenar
$299.99 GBP
MPP 4x5 Large Format fit ~~ 6x6 cm  Roll Film Holder
$41.0 GBP
Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm f5.6 large format lens cells only
Buy: $89.0 GBP
Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 150mm f5.6 large format lens cells only
Buy: $69.0 GBP
Leica Leitz Wetzlar Projector Lens 400mm F4 Epis Covers 11x14 large format
$40.0 GBP
Toyo View Deluxe 4x5 Camera Frame with 50 cm rail - excellent condition
$139.0 GBP
Kodak Specialist Half Plate 5x7 Large Format Camera. Condition - 5E [7834]
Buy: $134.08 GBP
large format camera or instrument equipment case
$19.0 GBP - 1 bid
Graflex Speed Graphic Camera c1954. 4x5'' military Olive drab Large Format      <br/> Superb conditon Military model including original case
$200.0 GBP - 8 bids
SPEED GRAPHIC_Range-Finder_4x5_CAMERA with Kodak Ektar 127mm f/4.7 Lens_Used
$345.0 GBP
Schneider 75mm f5.6 Super- Angulon large format lens (on panel)
Buy: $359.0 GBP
MPP mkVII 5"x4" Large Format Technical View / Field Camera w/ NEW BELLOWS
Buy: $450.0 GBP
Fujifilm NPS 160 4x5 Large Format Film
$11.5 GBP - 6 bids
Taylor-Hobson T-P Cooke Anastigmat 5 Inch f/4.5 Large Format Brass Lens
$19.99 GBP - 1 bid
Cambo 4x5 Large Format Monorail Camera with Schneider 90mm f8 (4716G)
$399.99 GBP
Nikon APO-Nikkor 480mm F/9 F9 Lens for Large Format Film Camera
$80.0 GBP - 1 bid
Linhof 4x5 Technika V Large Format Field Camera - Excellent condition
$799.99 GBP
DALLMEYER Perfac 10" inch f6.3 lens in COMPUR Shutter,mounting ring,large format
$5.5 GBP - 7 bids
SINAR F2 large format full outfit (lenses, ext rail, bag bellows) EXC condition
Buy: $925.0 GBP
Linhof Technika III & 150mm F4.5 lens 4x5 Large Format Field Camera With Extras
$599.99 GBP
MPP MKVIII 8 Technical 4X5, 5X4 large format camera w/ 150mm 4.5 XENAR **ISSUES*
$399.99 GBP
ADOX CHS 100 II 4X5 Sheet Film Large Format
$5.5 GBP - 2 bids
Sinar F1 Large Format Monorail Camera (21-1005). Condition - 4E [7847]
Buy: $249.95 GBP
Toya D45A Large Format Monorail 4x5 View Camera (D45A). Condition - 4E [7627]
Buy: $305.2 GBP
Kodak Aerochrome Infrared 10x10.5 cm Large Format Sheets
Buy: $40.0 GBP
Kodak Specialist Half Quarter Plate Large Format Camera. Condition - 4E [7829]
Buy: $323.7 GBP
Large Format Lens Carl Zeiss Jena Tele-Tessar 1:6.3 F=40cm 18 Blades
$175.0 GBP
Sinar F2 4x5 Large Format Mono Rail Camera with Copal 0 Lens Board. Excellent
$349.99 GBP
Silvestri 6x Tilting Loupe #5050 for Large Format Photography
Buy: $50.0 GBP
Buy: $425.0 GBP
Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 150mm f5.6 large format front + rear lens cells 4x5
Buy: $79.0 GBP
$575.0 GBP
EKC  Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter - Medium Large Format Lens
$4.25 GBP
Cambo SC-2 large format front standard for 4x5" monorail camera
Buy: $37.5 GBP
Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon MC 90mm f/5.6 large format lens 4x5 5x7 Linhof
Buy: $350.0 GBP
Fidelity Deluxe 4x5 Cut Film Holder / DDS
$14.95 GBP
BNIB Mint InstantKon RF70 Instax Wide Camera Large Format Instant (not Polaroid)
Buy: $800.0 GBP
Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/7 Large Format Camera & Zeiss Tessar 135mm f4.5 (4797G)
$219.99 GBP
MPP folding viewing hood - 4x5" large format Micro Press and Technical cameras
Buy: $39.5 GBP
Schneider Super Angulon 90mm F8 copal 0 Large Format  lens Made in Germany
$239.99 GBP
Rainproof 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 Large Format Focusing Cloth - BRAND NEW
$49.99 GBP
Ground Glass Focusing Screen for 4x5 Large Format Camera (cut corners) [Reduced]
Buy: $28.99 GBP
Rodenstock Grandagon N 75mm 4.5 imaculate large format lens 5x4
Buy: $549.0 GBP
Rodenstock 300mm f9 Apo-Ronar MC Large Format Copal 1 Lens - Newly Serviced
$329.0 GBP
Horseman front standard for 4x5" large format monorail camera 450EMII 450EM
Buy: $75.0 GBP
Sinar F large format film camera kit with bag bellows, polaroid back and more...
Buy: $645.0 GBP
$517.49 GBP
Kodak Ektar 100 Large Format 4x5 Pro Film (10)
Buy: $61.49 GBP
Sinar P2 P black front carrier frame large format 4x5" clutch
$24.2 GBP
Sinar Copal Auto Aperture Shutter + Cable Release
$275.0 GBP
WISTA Field Camera Wood
$758.69 GBP
Antique large format brass lens, Ross Xpres 12" (300mm) f4.5 with flange
$575.0 GBP
Schneider Xenar 210 mm f/6.1 5x4 4x5 large format lens Copal 1
Buy: $235.0 GBP
Sinar Norma Automatic Shutter + All Cables
$275.0 GBP
Nikon APO Nikkor 240mm f9 Large Format Lens
Buy: $175.0 GBP
Fujinon SWD 90mm f5.6 Large format Lens, copal shutter and wista size lens board
Buy: $300.0 GBP
Shen Hao PTB45 Walnut Wood Field Folding 4X5" Large Format Camera Free Shipping
Buy: $870.0 GBP
Rodenstock Apo-Sironar (W) 80-deg 150mm f/5.6 MC large format lens 5x4 and 5x7
Buy: $549.0 GBP
Sinar C Large Format Film Camera kit with case & lenses etc.
Buy: $3000.0 GBP
Wista 45 4x5 Large Format Field Camera Body only 【Exc+++++】 from Japan 0336
$327.14 GBP
Cambo SC-2 large format rear standard for 4x5" monorail camera
Buy: $39.5 GBP
Toyo Field 45A Large Format Film Camera
$342.44 GBP
Repromaster 1:9 / 135mm large format lens
$49.95 GBP
Arca Swiss F Metric C 5x4 with standard leather bellows
Buy: $2750.0 GBP
[N MINT] HASEMI 4x5 Large Format Camera Body w/ Film Holder from japan #974
$608.02 GBP
Ex+ Horseman 45 FA 4x5 view large Format camera w/ package
Buy: $792.0 GBP
$275.0 GBP
Wista SP 4x5 Large Format Field Film Camera
$525.07 GBP
Copal 0.0 Schneider 90mm f8 Super-Angulon 4x5 Large Format Wide Angle, Serviced.
$179.99 GBP
*Near MINT* Horseman 45 FA Large Format Field Camera Magnifier loupe From Japan
$684.87 GBP
Toyo Field 45A II Large Format Film Camera / Linhof, Wista Board Use
$525.07 GBP
Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar-S 240mm f5.6 large format lens cells 5.6/240
Buy: $99.0 GBP
$538.49 GBP
Schneider M-Componon 28mm f/4 large format 4x5 Linhof makro tubus Copal 0
Buy: $399.0 GBP
TOP MINT Horseman 45FA 4x5 Medium Large Format Film Camera Body from Japan a479
$399.51 GBP