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Oxenhope,West Yorkshire by Susan M Ridyard , original watercolour, framed.
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The snail on a teasel,signed wildlife painting with 8x10inch mount. Original
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Nice pair of watercolours by Lambert in good gilt frames
$9.99 GBP
On the Banks of the River Nile c1920 signed Watercolour with  Frame and Glass
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Original Watercolour by Lesley Holmes of The Blue Peter Inn in Polperro Cornwall
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Original Framed Watercolour Landscape With Windmill Signed Antique Vintage
$19.95 GBP
WILL EVANS original watercolour country lane welsh Swansea artist 1908
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Peter Stuckey, Spring Yorkshire Hills - Original 1975 watercolour painting
Buy: $21.0 GBP
50's Abstract Modernist K HOWDEN Water Colour & Oil Landscape Cityscape Painting
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Arthur Prichard Harrison, Horse w. Blinkers - Original 19th-century watercolour
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Original Framed Watercolour Painting Wildlife Goldcrest By Lisa EVANS
$9.95 GBP
Superb antique watercolour painting of a courting couple in their underwear !!
$24.99 GBP
Picasso Signed Watercolour Painting Artist Model
$1695.0 GBP
Loch Lubnaig, Scottish Highlands-Original late 19th-century watercolour painting
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The Moon, La Luna, Wall Art, Monochrome, Painting, Watercolour, Original, Decor
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$40.0 GBP
Peter Stuckey, Orford Church Ruins, Suffolk - Original 1978 watercolour painting
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bee  prints set of 4, prints of original paintings, in 10" x 8" Mounts
$45.0 GBP
Helen C. Waterhouse, Edelweiss Flower Bloom - Original 1882 watercolour painting
Buy: $24.0 GBP
Cubist ? Original Mixed Media Painting Signed Dated 1975's Landscape Buildings
Buy: $40.0 GBP
David Mocatta, Jura, France - Original early 19th-century watercolour painting
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FRAMED Victorian Original WATERCOLOUR PAINTING fishing boats
$10.0 GBP
George Farrell (Irish 1900-1979) "Evening in the Mournes"  Signed Watercolour
$90.0 GBP
Set of 3 bee paintings £12.00
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Winding Branch Tree, Sedgemoor Farm - Original 1896 watercolour painting
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Pet portrait commission. A custom watercolour painting from your photo.
Buy: $45.0 GBP
NUMBERED PRINT 1/45 Signed Contemporary Watercolour Painting BEE On LAVENDER
Buy: $29.5 GBP
Miniature Bird of Paradise - 19th-century watercolour on Perforated Paper
Buy: $39.0 GBP
Patrick Faulkner, Farmhouse with Chimney - Mid-20th-century watercolour painting
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Japanese 20th Century Watercolour - Bird in a Fruit Tree
Buy: $24.2 GBP
Harry Riley RI, Mountain Valley - Original mid-20th-century watercolour painting
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" Three' s  Company  "  10 x 7 " Original signed watercolour Painting..
$19.99 GBP
ORIGINAL Watercolour Painting OSTRICH SWIRLS by Sophie Appleton Artist
Buy: $39.95 GBP
G.H. Wollaston, Budleigh Salterton, Devon - Original 1909 watercolour painting
Buy: $38.0 GBP
Scottish school McColl 1920 watercolours of Bogliaco Italy
$25.0 GBP
David Mocatta, Mountains with Trees - Original early 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $26.0 GBP
O.M. Cholmeley, Babes in the Wood - 1872 watercolour painting
Buy: $42.0 GBP
Signed Framed Watercolour Painting of Poppies
Buy: $10.0 GBP
M. Conway, Brimham Rocks, N. Yorkshire - Original 1873 watercolour painting
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H.M.W., Canal View with Barges Amsterdam -late 19th-century watercolour painting
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John Bellany RA Original Large watercolour landscape
$2900.0 GBP
Original Framed Watercolour Painting Wildlife Elephants By Lisa EVANS
$9.95 GBP
G.H. Wollaston, Lake Geneva, Nernier France - Original 1905 watercolour painting
Buy: $35.0 GBP
Mid century original watercolour signed by Gill Jackson 1960s Lucienne Day era
Buy: $95.0 GBP
Bee Study (i) Framed miniature original in watercolour and ink .
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Patrick Faulkner, Jacobean Manor House - Mid-20th-century watercolour painting
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ORIGINAL Watercolour Painting of a Hare, by A.Jolivet - Present/Gift
Buy: $9.99 GBP
Anna Knowles, Flower Studies - Original early 19th-century watercolour painting
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$79.99 GBP
David Mocatta, Cutter Boat in Rough Seas - Original 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $28.0 GBP
Mountain Landscape View - Original early 19th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $42.0 GBP
David Mocatta, Dinghy & Frigate Ship - Original early 20th-century watercolour
Buy: $26.0 GBP
Napoleonic Prussian Soldier - Original late 19th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $21.0 GBP
Charming Georgian Miniature Watercolour Portrait of Young lady in Ebonised Frame
$89.99 GBP
Anna Knowles, Conch Shell - Original early 19th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $17.0 GBP
C. Herbert Hurst, Stormy Mountain View - Original 1888 watercolour painting
Buy: $16.0 GBP
Joan Miro - Framed original watercolour with ink?
$20.0 GBP - 1 bid
Antique Watercolour Painting Cityscape Ghent Belgium Gilt Frame Signed
Buy: $50.0 GBP
Semi abstract watercolour painting of a beetroot
$10.0 GBP
John Summers, Sailing Boat on Calm Seas - Mid-20th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $22.0 GBP
ORIGINAL watercolour animal/wildlife/farm/rabbit art painting HARE, Clare Crush
Buy: $80.0 GBP
Fuschia Flowers with Butterfly - Original 19th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $38.0 GBP
Bee Study (iii) Framed miniature original in watercolour and ink .
Buy: $30.0 GBP
Vintage watercolour painting by Herbert George, italian lake scene or similar
Buy: $39.99 GBP
Original floral watercolours framed and signed by artist x 2
Buy: $20.0 GBP
 Vintage Lovely Original Floral Watercolour Framed & Signed Dorothy Owen British
$25.0 GBP
SUPERB Vintage Framed GOUACHE WATERCOLOUR 'Autumn' By Grace Horne 1976 <br/> High Quality..(Known Cheshire-Deeside Artist)..
Buy: $69.99 GBP
Soar Cottage, Brecon Beacons, South Wales - Original 1979 watercolour painting
Buy: $24.0 GBP
LIMITED PRINT of my Original  watercolour painting Stunning KINGFISHER Bird
Buy: $42.5 GBP
2 x Vintage Framed  Watercolour Paintings  + Glass Cover
Buy: $24.0 GBP
George Kilburne Antique Watercolour Painting Genre Figures Interior Signed
Buy: $1950.0 GBP
6 Vintage Botanical Flower Pen Ink & Watercolour Paintings For Framing
$24.99 GBP
$75.0 GBP
Fungus Mushroom Study - Original 1894 watercolour painting
Buy: $21.0 GBP
Albert Harcourt, Clipper under Sail - Original late 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $21.0 GBP
Pickford Robert Waller, Pierrot in Skullcap - Original 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $98.0 GBP
Fishing Boats in Urk Watercolour Painting
Buy: $25.0 GBP
LARGE ORIGINAL Signed Contemporary watercolour Converse Chuck Taylors painting
$57.0 GBP
C. Herbert Hurst, Coastal Rock Formation - Original 1888 watercolour painting
Buy: $34.0 GBP
Helen Gifford, Pinks, Hibiscus, Flax Flowers - Original 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $39.0 GBP
Vintage Chinese Watercolor on the silk
$10.0 GBP
Original horse water colour painting pony and trap Norfolk landscape picture
Buy: $45.0 GBP
Ethel Jarlson, Marvine Creek, Colorado, USA - Original 1896 watercolour painting
Buy: $37.0 GBP
Early Original Watercolour "Coppice Collage" Painting by Kurt Jackson
Buy: $850.0 GBP
A.K. Rudd, Farmhouse across Fields - Original 1897 watercolour painting
Buy: $27.0 GBP
Woodland Glen - Original early 20th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $48.0 GBP
C19th Watercolour  Coastal View, Fishing Family by a Harbour.
$20.0 GBP
Patrick Faulkner, Rural Farm Stables - mid-20th-century watercolour painting
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Original Watercolour Butterfly 1 Painting by Mila Ansell
Buy: $11.0 GBP
H.M.W., Canal by Westerkerk, Amsterdam - late 19th-century watercolour painting
Buy: $28.0 GBP
David Mocatta, Montmélian, France - Original early 19th-century watercolour
Buy: $44.0 GBP
* ORIGINAL * Hendrick's Gin, Bottle, Watercolour Painting, Man, Mancave, Gift A4
Buy: $15.0 GBP
A.K. Rudd, Harbour Town View - Original 1904 watercolour painting
Buy: $28.0 GBP
SHOWCASE portfolio ... Original Watercolour Paintings - A Bit About Me
Buy: $95.0 GBP
Antique watercolour painting gardens and house M.C Gittins 1894
Buy: $25.0 GBP
Vintage Large Watercolour Painting In Gold Frame
Buy: $125.0 GBP
Signed OPEN EDITION print Of My Original Watercolour CUTE RED SQUIRREL
Buy: $35.0 GBP
Old Vtg Antique Watercolour Signed .Gilt Gold Ornate Frame. Egyption Scene
Buy: $59.99 GBP
Paul Martin Still Life Watercolour of a glass of water & apple
$20.0 GBP